Affair With A Reverend Sister - Nollywood Nigerian Movie

Affair With A Reverend Sister is about Reverence Sister Philomena who was introduced to a married man Rufus. While some may have a genuine heart to serve God according to the order of the church, others see it as an opportunity to social welfare and better social status  including the reverence of the community. Though this path comes with benefits it denies its subjects some of the natural needs such as romance and sensuality and leave one in luck of these things until an opportunity presence itself where one may likely fall in to what maybe refer to as temptation.  Sister Philomena saw an opportunity to leave the prison environment which she was in and sort for herself a dream life of love protection and passion with a man who is able to afford what she need. The wife will soon be replace by a Sister Philomena an innocent looking beautiful girl with a selfish mission. Rufus the husband has a fantasy of sexual encounter with Reverend Sister and Sister Philomena is just a dream come tr

Two Sides Of Beauty - Nollywood Nigerian Movie

In Two Sides Of Beauty the young lady Tana Adelana   allowed her beauty to control her heart forgetting the fact that life of mortals is like grass, t heir beauty fades as quickly as the flowers in a field. The  idea of beauty is not only based on physical appearance but character has a part to play. Her words are hash and piecing to any man that shows interest in her "Leave me alone you are not my type I am not interested in your stupid marriage  proposals"    In another place she said "Look at me, just look at me, do I look like somebody that would end up with your type? the type that would not take me out of this life? avoid me whoever it is that sent you tell them you did not see me"  Her two friends attempt to correct her but it turned into an acquirement after she addressed them as not being beautiful. The first guy she rejected then went for one of her friends instead. But her hard reality is just about to appear. Besides all her foolishness, she still lives

Drifted Nollywood Movie with Bimbo Ademoye & Kenneth Okolie

Drifted starring  Bimbo Ademoye  who played a struggling seamstress in Lagos whose little boy become sick. She brought the young boy to the hospital after getting out the transportation with her child she fell on the floor as the son was heavy to carry but a kind stranger assisted her to carry the son on her behalf and also paid for the test examination fee. After the doctor informed her that her son need operation or he will die, she become worried and desperate to find financial support. She turned to t he oldest profession in the world to  prostitute herself for money she can use to pay for her son's operation.  With her son dying in hospital without money and anyone to assist her, she went and stooled a clothing from a washing lines and joined the street girls where she met a well to do man played by  Sunny McDon W   who assisted her after she slept with him. Then her soldier husband played by Kenneth Okolie returned home to her then a new chapter of drama started in her life. 

Skinny Girl In Transit - African Nigerian TV Series

Abimbola Craig as Tiwa in Skinny Girl In Transit is the new talk on African social media, the series follows the struggles of Tiwa, a plus sized young girl who needs to lose weight for upcoming wedding, living in Nigeria Lagos and how she deals with the pressures of wanting to be in a loving relationship and to be successful in life. The show also features her typically religious and dramatic mother Ngozi Nwosu  and her slim light skin sister Sharon Ooja  who plays the annoying sister. The man being hunted is Kenneth Okolie. The maid is also a character to look out for, Beverly Naya also plays the rude office bully who must have things her way . Skinny Girl In Transit promises to be a fun series. Facebook  *  Twitter  *  Instagram  *  YouTube

Daughter's Love is a Nollywood Nigerian movie

Daughter's Love is a Nollywood movie about a young girl who is experiencing what is known as Electra complex, a term used to describe the female version of the Oedipus complex. When a girl is becoming subconsciously sexually attached to  her father  and increasingly hostile toward  her  mother. Watch Daughter's Love click here Facebook  *  Twitter  *  Instagram  *  YouTube


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