Met a hot girl in Ghana, student who goes church and in the choir. She was a fantastic materialistic gold digger, we started dating, she was full of stories, lying and fabricating shxt and demanding expensive things, then my money started missing and finally my credit card disappeared.

In the midst of all these I had to deal with her #std #sti. At first I wasn't sure because she was very good denying it all with tears. First time I confronted her on phone one Sunday when my foreign currency went missing she said she was crying in church because the accusation was too much to bare and she couldn't minister that Sunday.

I felt bad and redrawn my accusation and suspicions. But I was still cautious of her because she was a student without work but has a big eyes for material goods. Things she can't afford that's what she want at all times. I had planned to marry her so I bought a ring from US and the latest iPhone and everything she ordered worth more than $2,000 all in the name of love.

I have been praying for God to bless me with a soul mate who will stand by me to serve God. So when I met her I felt she was an angel from heaven. But my spirit was not resting with her though I tried my best. I asked 'why' because this girl go to church and she doesn't go out at all apart from school and church activities, so what if she like big things? I can handle that. But when I started putting things together it was not adding up.

Most of the things she said changes at times. She talked about how girls sleeps with ministers for money, she went into details about how they get picked up and the travel process some of the girls gets cars and house for sleeping with politicians my soul went quiet within me hearing all these but i had hope because of God, i met her mother but she doesn't talk about her father.

She wanted us to move secretly at first, but I wasn't willing to go that way. Well I left her just 3 weeks after meeting her and i returned to US. While i was there i was sending money like crazy for all sorts of things as if i was already married to her. We had many disagreements over money because within a month I spent $1400 which the average Ghanaian don't earn.

I was born in Ghana but left for US at a very young age. I started going to Ghana in 2012 but never really wanted anything to do with the women there because I've heard stories of how things can turned bad. But this time in 2017 i felt for this girl because she appeared beautiful and innocent and her stories were convincing at first.

I could not even imagine her being a thief and a liar. People who knew her spoke well of her that she's always at home and only goes to school or church.

This girl I fell in love with was consistently asking for money for hair, body lotion, food, spending money even asking me to take her to hospital to be treated for her std. Where I come from in the US, girls don't ask for shxt but loyalty and love.

I can understand her demands to some extent because of the poverty level of the country, but when you're a student you should know how to manage the little that you have and cut your coat accordingly that's wisdom which this individual truly lacked.

if you have critical health issues then why are you busy asking for iphone and designer clothes, make-up and jeweleries?? This girls is so materialistic to the point that if she asked something and I delay to buy it she'll get literary sick and depress.

I can just imagine her room full of things I bought her which she doesn't even need but I think she feel better looking at them like an idol. Becareful of these crazy sick witches whi look like angels posting over filtered pictures on social media to deceive men and request money from them by making up stories that will break your kind heart, but cause in real life they're ugly witches.

Back to my story. I came back to Ghana because of this girl with the hope to engage and eventually marry her and move to the US. But after studying this girl I. and to the conclusion that she need psychiatric help.

She told me she doesn't like ther people's children's only her own, something that troubled me deeply because I have a little boy from my previous relationship and I'm someone who loves all children dearly.

The night I returned to Ghana she slept over and we didn't do anything because I wanted to make it special as I was tired from long flight. When she came over that night all she was interested in was the things I bought for her. Early morning she took everything even though I told her to relax, she couldn't wait.

After she left I noticed my dollars were missing from my hand luggage $500 taken. I confronted her because nobody else came in the room only the two of us. She cried and cried even got her mom involved which ade me felt really bad so I apologised and left it.

Later my $100 went missing again, that one I think she took it whileshe was in my car because truly I don't know how it happened her hands are too fast and too furious.

Well since landing in again within a period of 3 weeks I tried to break up with her more than 2 occasions but she'll cry and make me feel sorry for her.

She finally became aware that I won't marry her and my time in Ghana was coming to an end so she launched her final attack accusing me of not loving or caring about her anymore. Usually she begs to sleep over but that evening my atm card went missing, she was not willing to spent the night she wanted to go home so she left.

I loved this girl passionately even see her like the daughter of my mother becsuse my mother also loved her. My mom loves Ghanaian girls though my mother is mixed race half Spanish half Ghanaian she see herself as Ghanaian woman.

So my question is why would a girl who could have had almost anything she ask behave in this manner???

we'll I know she was sleeping with around at that moment because when we have sex the pain for her is unbearable also the smell is hell because of the std/sti. I wanted to take her for treatment but her behaviour put me off.

This experience I won't wish on my enemies, truly not every girl in Ghana is like this. I came across many beautiful respectful women in Ghana but it was at the wrong time when I was just business focused.

Well, I'm thankful for my lessons now all I need is a secret camera in car and at home. And never send them shxt unless you wanted to do it out of kindness but if they keep demanding and forcing with persuasive words and acting stupid like little kids then you must also be very sneaky like a snake.

Here are some of the fabrication I had to deal with: sick and in hospital, father needed operation, mother felt sick over night and is admitted. Car accident, robbed in the town, broken phone needs repair, someone stolen her bag with money in it, she lost a friends money, she is broke hasn't eaten all day, she can't answer call she fell asleep. Wtf even if the devil hate you this is unheard of.

Give help when you feel its needed but don't waste your money on a gold digger. They're girls and women out there who need genuine help. Get wisdom in all you do it you'll lose everything and become homeless over stupid girls.

May God protect you all from this she devils. Don't go fucking everything condoms can also busts. Some girls want to get pregnant by you and use it to drain you. So that'll put things in the vagina to cause the condoms to bust.