Mobile Application Development is the system by which a mobile application that is a computer program designed to run on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet. Nowadays the number of smart phones increases over PCs. The survey shows that people checkout their mobile every 5 minute. Almost 80% people use mobile apps for shopping and also mobile apps become an important part of the every industry like Business, Retail and Education etc.

Ø Open Source
Android is an open source platform which allows developers to develop apps very easily. Really, it offers faster and relatively low-cost development for business and start-ups.

Ø Base of large user
Android provides you with an amazing platform to develop apps and games for millions of Android users. This allows you to reach out to a higher section of the android users and improve your market perception.

Ø Powerful Framework
It automatically enhances our UI on different mobile devices, while giving you full control on your UI for different device types. Android developer tools offer a full Java IDE with features to develop, debug, and package Android apps.

Ø Customization of User Interface
Apps developed on Android platform are highly customization and simple to manage. Even the data management and multimedia tools can be simply updated.

Our Course Gallery that included below:
Fundamentals of android application, Data Storage and manipulation in Android, User Interface and User Experience, Service and Broadcast Receiver, Content provider, developing location based application, Sensors and Usage of sensor in real life via android application, Google cloud messaging and push notifications and Concepts about android market, play store. And final project Submission and presentation.
In world, around 90% of digital media time is spent on mobile applications. As a result, every industry is moving towards the way of its own Development. Today almost every business has got a mobile app. These applications make it easy for the mobile users to avail our services.

Web Academy brings the best Training on Mobile Application Development with Android


Duration: 2 months (24 Classes)

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Course Contents:

1. Fundamentals of android application.

2. Data Storage and manipulation in Android (Data Base, Shared preference, File)

3. Knowing about different types of Layout and View components plus their practical uses with example.

4. User Interface and User Experience.

5. Service and Broadcast Receiver, Content provider.

6. Designing android app using Fragments and more details.

7. Developing location based application (GPS/MAP/LOCATION or PLACES API)

8. Growing revenue using Ad mob and various Ad SDK in android Application.

9. Posting and Parsing/fetching data from web server (JSON, XML) and showing in application

10. Sensors and Usage of sensor in real life via android application.

11. Gesture, Exception Handling, Finalizing your application for Play Store.

12. Google cloud messaging and push notifications.

13. Concepts about android market play store. And final project Submission and presentation


Course Fee: 15,000 taka (Previously 20,000 Taka)


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