Two Sides Of Beauty - Nollywood Nigerian Movie

In Two Sides Of Beauty the young lady Tana Adelana allowed her beauty to control her heart forgetting the fact that life of mortals is like grass, their beauty fades as quickly as the flowers in a field. The idea of beauty is not only based on physical appearance but character has a part to play. Her words are hash and piecing to any man that shows interest in her "Leave me alone you are not my type I am not interested in your stupid marriage proposals"  

In another place she said "Look at me, just look at me, do I look like somebody that would end up with your type? the type that would not take me out of this life? avoid me whoever it is that sent you tell them you did not see me" 

Her two friends attempt to correct her but it turned into an acquirement after she addressed them as not being beautiful. The first guy she rejected then went for one of her friends instead. But her hard reality is just about to appear. Besides all her foolishness, she still lives at home with her mother and two siblings.   Watch click here



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